Wednesday, January 14, 2009

aku keseorangan.....Boredom

memang x best ble sorang2 ni....
xde bnde nk buat...
hnye mlyan diri sndiri...hehe

bosan r...


Boredom is like the end of life
it's as if you're waiting for death
the minuts tend to be longer

i try to feel my time with something
that something make me crazy
so crazy i'm going insane
i hear the clock tick & tick & tick
i feel my heart pump harder & harder & harder

my nerves are tighter, body twitching stronger
brains feel like busrting into pieces
my mouth fell like screaming until i shake my whole apartment

boredom, it makes you think
finding an idea, creating a problem, asking a painful
question, coming out with conclusions, searching for an inspiration

oh my so much of that one word
boredom a friend, a killer!

(do not try this at home, as it may kill you!)

yg aku hrapkan ktenangn ...


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