Sunday, March 20, 2011

World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles – FILM PREVIEW AND TRAILER


Seriously speaking ….

Hasn’t anyone taken the cue from our soothsayers when they predict time and time again, that the world would be mushrooming up into a giant smokescreen any time soon?


A continuing spate of heinous global calamities attests the fact that all may not auger well, and that the human race would shortly be crossing over to a final chapter of gloom and doom.It’s scary to know that our day of reckoning will come, when the entire universe eventually flips over into extinction. But until then, let’s dispense with the hapless moans and groans. We should unite and do out bits to save the earth’s crust. We should refrain from continuing wild apocalyptic scares and speculations about the thinning of the earth’s crust, the tsunamis and the “strange visitors” from outer space.

Who can honestly predict the future?

“WORLD INVASION: BATTLE LOS ANGELES” the movie has a yarn to spin and a lesson to tell about mankind facing a nightmarish future battling the aliens. This is only one stark, desolate aspect. The film is set in modern day LOS ANGELES and follows a platoon of marines and airmen during a global alien invasion. Let’s take a peek ….. Picture this dark, grim, haunting scenario devoid of sunshine.

It can be the aftermath of a shattered universal bloodbath between mankind and the “other kind”. An epilogue of a cheerless world deemed precise by the prophets of doom?

The Story:

Earth comes under brutal attack from biomechanical killing machines from another planet. As our world’s major cities succumb one by one to the invading hordes of ALIENS, a battle-hardened Marine (Aaron Eckhart) mobilises his new platoon to save the innocent, and ensure that Los Angeles does not fall without a fight. This film arrives at a time when Hollywood is refraining from touching on sensitive war issues, that of America’s dual wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Therefore “ BATTLE: LOS ANGELES” offers an acceptable alternative—an imaginary adversary (ALIENS) that’s only as invincible and relentless as our filmmakers would allow them to be.

Well, the plot is fictional.

Yet the historical elements that inspired film director Jonathan Liebesman’s vision of the future will surely leave us thinking.

If you pay attention to details, then you’d realize that the movie penned by Christopher Bertolini carries an array of authentic real-life references. An entertaining film throughout with non-stop action – but some of the battle scenes tend to be a tad baffling. You witness a lot of gray and smoke and muted explosions. The aliens tend to look like metallic exoskeletons firing weapons, but we are barred from taking a closer look.

“BATTLE: LOS ANGELES” stars Aaron Eckhart with a motley of lesser known actors, Michelle Rodriguez, Will Rothhaar, Cory Hardict, Jum Parrack, James Liao, Ne-Yo who find themselves in the middle of a worldwide war between man and aliens. The focus is on this core group, whilst offering small-references to global happenings. Jonathan Liebesman sets the pace of the film to follow a realistic depiction of an alien invasion in the style of a war film, taking inspiration from “Black Hawk Down” and “Saving Private Ryan” for his documentary style of filming.

For ardent action junkies, the awesome battle scenes will be a visual treat.

“BATTLE: LOS ANGELES” retains its grounding despite an onslaught of brutal combat and precarious situations. For the discerning art buffs, expect gripes to come aplenty. Feature films like this one will surely draw an avalanche of skeptics.

From 5 stars i give 4/5 stars


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